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Payment can be done using credit card, Paypal, check or bank wiring.


Do you need to obtain the pricing of the product?

Use the automatic calculation tool on the bottom of this page, enter the number of users, click on "Show price", and click on "Add", then select the "check payment" option to get a personalized price quote. You don't need to actually purchase the product of course.


    Professional Edition
Secure private, corporate Instant Messaging Server  
VPN (virtual private network) compatible  
Server software available on Linux, Solaris, Windows XP/2000/2005/NT4, Free BSD, MacOSX, HPUX, AIX/ISeries …  
Client software available on Linux, Windows XP/2000/2005/NT4, MacOSX  
User Account
User account creation - Web interface  
ActiveDirectory integration  
User account database programming Java APIs  
Instant Messaging client
Zero install, fully brandable Client application  
Client applcaition can be embdedded in Web pages  
Skin support  
Supported languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian...)  
File sending  
Clickable URL links  
Desktop sharing plugin compatible  
QuickIM wireless mobile messenger plugin compatible  
Voice / Video plugin compatible  
SQL database
Free embedded SQL Server  
External SQL (Oracle, mySql, SQL Server) database integration  
Free email support  
Advanced integration support  
Service packs  

Payment method 1:

Secure order using Google checkout (all major credit card accepted)


Payment method 2:

Secure order using Multicards (all major credit card accepted)

Instant Messaging Software Dynamic Order System:

Step 1 - enter the number of users - Contact us for unlimited users for Web deployment


Step 2 -

which gives a per user price of $US.

Step 3 - Click on either to

  • print out a free quote (select Check payment option)
  • purchase the software on line using credit card

Payment mehtod 3

You can pay using all major credit cards after creating a Paypal account (simple process)


users *

Price ** (US$)

IM Server  




IM Server  




IM Server  




IM Server  




IM Server  





Payment method 4:

contact sales and indicate your preferred payment methods (bank wiring, checks)

- The license fee is an one time fee.

- The license grants the buyer the right to run the software on one single server machine.

- Software will be delivered via download as soon as payment is confirmed (one day with credit card order, after the reception of the payment confirmation for check and bank wiring payments).

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