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Bringing cutting-edge instant communication solutions to the fast-paced world of financial services.

As the online market expands with portals, mobile commerce and corporate intranets, the need to keep up with competitors, limit churn and attract new customers, ensure highly-secured time-sensitive information exchanges for customers, traders and brokers continues to pose new challenges to the whole banking industry.

12Planet provides instant messaging, chat platforms and forum based solutions, while enhancing secutiry and addressing legal requirements. You will :

  • achieve significant gains in productivity
  • increase customer satisfaction
  • improve collaborative work

12Planet solutions assures ROI and short time-to- market thanks to 12Planet's eLiveEngine technology™.


Collaborative work solutions

  • create instant communication networks to let traders, brokers make informed decisions more quickly
  • integrate instant messaging network with corporate information systems
  • organize online meetings, seminars and conferences
  • feed a knowledge base with FAQs for online service representatives to use
  • build a discussion space available on your web site or intranet portal for selected users, partners or customers

Instant services / CRM

  • inform and advise customers and partners in real time
  • deliver online documents in a wide range of formats
  • live web events and interactive services
  • invite financial experts to talk in real time with customers, partners
  • invite celebrities to energize portals
  • offer free discussion space with chat rooms on internet or intranet portals

Go farther in instant communication

  • create custom branded instant messaging networks
  • offer voice communication
  • extend communication application to wireless devices (PDAs, mobile phones…)
For more information on how 12Planet may help you on your custom project, contact us using the following form: click here.
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